Stylists adore creative hair. They love to do it. The main point is that Stylists want clients to be prepared for how long certain things might take, what the costs may be and what maintenance will entail. Do a little research so that you have realistic expectations. And don't forget your inspiration pictures!

We offer this free of charge to existing and prospective clients. If you need a bang trim, you don't need a consult. But if you are thinking of going from pageant hair to pixie cut, with a drastic color change to boot, then sit down with your stylist and talk strategy first. Tell your Stylist before your appointment what your hopes are and about your hair dyeing history. And if it's a big color change, get a consult![

2. Bring in Several Examples of the Style/Color You Want"]The more pictures you can bring in, the more a Stylist can hone in on the vibe, texture, and color you want. It's like having a visual conversation. Pinterest, Redken and other sources have endless variations on the style you're searching for. Remember that while you may not get exactly what any picture shows (because your hair may have a different texture, etc.), they are infinitely helpful in guiding the stylist to give you the best option that will work for you.

While you see lots of photos of the look you like, a good Stylist will be realistic on what will look good for you. They are artist and love to create. But there's lots of variable to consider, like your hair type, how it frames your face, what type of color services you have had in the past, previous haircuts and at-home maintenance. Be open in your discussion with your stylist and together the expectations will be real.

Stylists cannot read your mind. If you want to change what has been happening, then talk to them! Don't keep quiet because you're afraid to voice your opinion. This is your head, and a Stylist's end goal is for you to be happy.

If you're not protecting your hair at home, you're making your life harder than it should be. Our Stylists will recommend your at home regiment, products and tools for you. Use only professional products recommended by your Stylist. Why? You've spent the money to get the look you want why not keep it as long as possible? Don't buy products at your local discount store-they are inferior and not professional salon quality. Never, ever buy "Salon" products there or online either. Your taking a huge risk because because they are diverted products, the source is unknown, quality is suspect (diluted, contaminated),may be expired and believe it not, typically more expensive. Why not support your local business?

Using permanent dye does not mean that your hair's color will be brighter, last longer, or stay in better than it would with semi-permanent dye. Permanent color lifts and takes out original hair color and deposits new color in. Semi-permanent dye does not lift out color - it only adds/deposits new color. Both dye types fade equally fast. For pre-colored ends, you don't need permanent dye, because the natural color has already been lifted out. Only use permanent dye on roots and grays. Use semi-permanent dye to freshen up all-over color. It is less damaging, lasts longer, and is way shinier. And your stylist will be happy, because you won't walk in with a home hair dye disaster.

Blue hair may be partly inspired by punk rock styles, but they involve so much more than a bottle of Manic Panic. The elegant and modern-day versions involve a lot of time, work, and skill. Consequently, they will be expensive, require frequent touch-ups and a lot of home maintenance.

Money-wise, time-wise, and upkeep-wise, a peacock of colors is a serious investment. Expect to be in the chair for at least five or six hours, and to spend upwards of $500. Having previously-dyed hair that needs to be lightened before it can take a new color will up the ante. Our Stylists recommend researching the cost, time, and upkeep involved before arriving at the salon expecting a magical transformation in two hours.

If you had a tragic case of mismatched drugstore-dyed hair and roots and need a professional rescue, it might be a big, expensive project. Make it clear what has happened, what you want to have happen (bring pictures!), and for the best results, schedule a free consultation so that all parties know what will go down.

Any color that is not a brown or a blonde (think pink, silver, blue, etc.) may be gone within as few as five washes. For it to look fabulous, it needs to be retouched at least once a month. You will need a professional redo every other month. These fun, playful colors require maintenance.

If you have dark brown or black hair, and want to go blonde, silver or pastel, it's going to take a lot of love, time and a lot of work. If you have ever dyed your hair dark, even if it was years ago, the ends are not virgin hair. If you have dyed it more than once, you have layers of color that need to come off. Don't be scared if the first two layers of bleaching result in a yellow-looking funk. Be patient. It's a process.

If you are bleaching your hair white, you need to come in at least once a month for a touch-up. Otherwise, the irregular dyeing can create a yellow banding around your hairline. To fix the banding, you'll have to bleach twice, which is more expensive and takes longer.